Monday, November 24, 2008

the new iloilo airport

it took us approximately 45 minutes to reach city proper from the airport. 17 years ago, the airport was just near the city but due to circumstances, it was moved to Cabatuan, Iloilo...

this is a miniature Centennial airport and the terminal fee is just 30 bucks... well maintained and clean too!

this is the view of the airport when i arrived November 6. 2008... drizzly wet.

at Markims

that night, we ate at Markims, a resto near the airport courtesy of Aunt Vicky's brother. Aunt Vicky is the sister in law of my mom.

a local delicacy, the Diwal... yummy!

at Mama's Kitchen

this is the famous Mama's Kitchen where they sell homemade goodies like cookies and other delicacies. this is an old house where a sorta museum is found inside the house.

you can also find antiques here...

at the famous Tatoy's seafood resto

on our second day, we went to have lunch at Tatoy's seafood resto... this is me and my close cousin in iloilo, jocie.

the nylon shells.


a fish in a sauce of coconut milk.

Molo Cathedral

the famous Molo Cathedral in Iloilo City.

Jaro Cathedral

Virgen de la Candelaria... it was known that this image grows yearly...

Breakthrough resto

i came back to iloilo after a week due to circumstances, this time went to suite our gastronomic needs at Breakthrough Resto.

the yummy baked scallops!

the seaweed mixed with vinegar, mango, tomatoes!

female cousins

female cousins at aunt rosy's home. we had our lunch there before we left for manila that night.